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My photography and why I do it


For me, it’s about making people look great. When I take a picture, it’s like having an outer body experience. I put myself in their position and think how I’d like to look, and I have very high standards as far as photography goes. So if I don’t think it’s quite right, I’ll work it until I do. Before I took up photography I drew portraits of people. I wanted them to love how I seen them. I didn’t care whether they were large, skinny, wrinkled, or smooth. Old, young, or middle aged. I would always find the best in them. If that meant a few tweaks here and there, then so be it. As long as it retained their likeness and characteristics and made me smile with satisfaction, Proud that I’d created an image we would all be pleased with, then I’d done a good job. I’ve often spent hours on a picture and scrapped it because it just didn’t work. It didn’t have the emotion, the connection a photographer/artist must have with his, or her muse. Even with a simple snap shot, you have to have seen something that inspired you to take it in the first place. I’m passionate about my photography. I care. If I didn’t, i’d be in your face now taking your picture whether you wanted me to, or not. But, hey, it’s got to be fun as well.


An old gentleman came up to me while I was sitting in my van one day and said, “ Ah, you’re the whole package, you do everything”. I thought, Of course I do everything, why wouldn’t I . I see the best in everything. I’m a photographer, I should be able to make anything look good. Whether living, or inanimate. It’s what I do.


If you don’t like having your picture taken, I can understand that. I hate having my picture taken. But! If, together, we can create something you love, that you can’t stop looking at, that makes you smile every time you see it, then isn’t it worth exploring that possibility.

We can come to you with lights, backgrounds, or use your own surroundings as settings for your portraiture, whether inside or out, family or personal. Our aim is to create beautiful images that you will adore. My philosophy has always been, “ whatever it takes to get the picture “.


Gill King
I enjoyed meeting you both and the session was much better than I thought it would be and that was down 
to you both putting me as much at ease as was possible. Thank you both for your patience and for the great 
images. I had a job to choose.

Agnese Gudre
Thank you Tom and Clare for everything. You both are absolutely amazing. I’ll never find such a professional 
photographer as you Tom and such a talented makeup artist and hairstylist as you Clare. I’ll miss you both. xx

Stacey Pritchard
Well done Tom. U R amazing at what you do xxxx

Heather Hevzy Crane
Ever the best photographer in town xx

Jackie Mcfadyen
Thank you for all our lovely photographs Tom. They look amazing and something we will all treasure forever. 
Priceless x

Kelly Friel
All the pictures were gorgeous. So hard to choose from! xx

Marena Kiera Cruse
Must be a Cruse thing Tom, as we all don’t like the camera, but yesterdays viewing changed our opinion x, 
or you’re just too good at your job. xxx

Sabrina Johnson White
Thank you Tom and Clare for today. It was great. Can’t wait to see the piccies. Total confidence boost. 
Thanks again x

Sammy South
Thank you so much, she felt that comfortable she didn’t want to leave!! Will be booking a session with my 
other two angels soon.

Spanhoe Lodge
Just to say the pictures look amazing. We are very happy! Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for sticking 
to your original quote of three hours, but if you wish we would be happy to pay for four. We’re so happy with 
the work, so will definately be using you again in the future.

Lisa Jane Siviter
OMG thank you both for such a lovely relaxing time and for the stunning hair make up and photos, but most 
of all for making my baby so happy. You both are absolutely wonderful xxx

Jane Murphy-Complexions
Wow you and Clare are miracle workers xx

Claire and Lee Slough
Thank you both so much for being a part of our special day. Clare, you done a fantastic job with all our
hair and makeups. You really are such a talented, wonderful person. And Tom. What can we say. You done 
a absolute amazing job with our pictures. They are just fantastic and so many people have commented on 
how fantastic all the pictures are. They are just brilliant. Love from Claire and Lee xxx

Sherri Reynolds
My photo’s are beautiful. They are more than I imagined them to be. I never thought I could look that good and
you did it for me. Thank you to yourself and Clare for such an amazing experience. I will definately be using
your services again xx I just can’t wait to show people the portfolio. Loads asking for a look at the photos, but 
have a long wait ahead of them xx. Plus my partner said thank you too. I’ve found a new confidence since
having them done and I want to thank you for making me look beautiful xxx

Yvonne Oneill
Had a great time at the latest session Tom, and all the photographs were fantastic as always. You and Clare are
an amazing team and have been there recording all the special events in our family. Looking forward to the next
session soon.


Anne Colgan

25 years! Where has the time gone Tom? Congratulations to you both and thank you for all the photos and videos you have taken of us all and to Clare for all the make up dates. 100% every time. Love to you both xx

Lisa Reynolds 

Wow 25 years. The kindest, most caring and comical professionals. Well done on this achievement guys xx

Mary Brown (Recomendation on face book)

He is amazing. wasn't doing weddings when I got married, or I would of had him (bummer) He is def the best photographer