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    Commercial photography is as varied as there are creatures in the sea and likewise, you never know what you are going to encounter on each shoot whether in the studio, or on location. It should be as exciting for the photographer as it is for you wanting the pictures done in the first place.

    Basically you want to promote your business as professional, one that can be depended on for quality, that appears to offer a good service and that shows you care about what you do. Showing this in pictures is why you need to choose a professional photographer. A photographers day is spent looking at people, objects, or scenes and trying to make them look as appealing as they possibly can. Maybe you just want a simple product shot taken to sell it on the web. Even lighting a simple product shot requires a certain amount of skill and will see your product selling, whereas Jo Bloggs’s product taken on his mobile phone will remain on the shelf unwanted and viewed on with disdain. Detail, clarity, creativity and lighting are of paramount importance if you are serious about your business. If your website, or photographs displayed in your premises, even down to basic identity photographs, look shoddy, what impression do you think that gives your customers. It all reflects on management, because you are the ones that make the decisions. So make the right decision and get in touch.

    As an added bonus to using Thomas B Photography, you have our experience of over fifteen years as graphic designers, so we know all about promotional literature and how effective it can be if done correctly.

    Commercial photography charges:

    For quotes on your requirements please email us at: contact.tbphotography@gmail.com

    or call us on 07596080925


    Some past clients:  R.S. Components, La Salle Education, Beanfield Primary School, Cunninghams Estate Agents, Nationwide Building Society, Stubben Horse Suppliers, JLT Recruitment, Corby Borough Council Planning Department, Deichmanns and many others.