“ How sweet it is to be loved by you”

    “ Move closer, move your body real close “

    Great lyrics by great artists that capture moods and emotions lovers adore the world over. That’s exactly what we want to create in our couples photography. Memorable pictures that, when viewed in years to come, make you feel happy, or as warm and cozy as you do when playing those all time favourite love songs. Whether it’s light and breezy, fun filled images, or intimate close and passionate expressions of two peoples desire for one another. Capturing real emotion in a picture is what photography is all about, and being an old romantic I’d like to think we do it well.

    When you book your session we’ll ask how you’d like to be portrayed in your shots, which can be either of the above, or a mixture of both, or maybe you have your own ideas. Maybe it’s an engagement, new love, or anniversary. Maybe you are just really good friends. Whatever the occasion: friendship, love, romance, it’s all about the bond between two people. As with all our sessions, you can change up to four times. Use props, or anything you feel might add to the mood. Maybe you’re both into a particular sport or pastime. Fellas are often bashful, but once they get into the posing they generally love it.

    So we can give you amazing value for money and, as we come from an artistic background of designing concepts and fine art, I like to sketch my ideas in advance of the session, but have been known to shoot spur of the moment poses that sometimes just happen and need to be photographed. You’ll get to choose from between twelve and fifteen different fully airbrushed images all worthy of a place in your home wherever you wish to put them.

    Following the session we'll arrange a convenient time and date for me to come out to you and show you your images so you can choose whichever pictures you want to purchase in whatever size, medium you wish.

    Each photograph is digitally enhanced with removal of blemishes, spots, unwanted tattoos, re-shaping if required or felt necessary toward the pictures overall aesthetic appeal. A day is spent editing the photographs which involves the above. Dropping in, or creating backgrounds, or using your or environmental surroundings is dependant on the image

    Session: £25.00

    Hair and Makeup if required: £47.00

    Session duration: 1 Hour.

    Hair and makeup duration: 1 Hr. 30 mins.