Family Portraiture

    Photographs taken with the correct lighting, contrast and depth are crucial elements to those who wish to produce great photographic works. The goal of a professional photographer is to control light by whichever means possible retaining detail in both highlights and shadows. There is a great distance  between a photograph in which illumination is simply adequate for it to be recorded successfully, and one in which the light has been used to create a powerful and striking image.

    At Thomas B Photography it is our aim to produce consistently high quality images for you to hang on your walls that both enrich your home environment and impress the most scrupulous of onlookers. It takes two seconds to spot a bad photograph, but a lifetime of appreciation for a correctly exposed image.

    Capturing families, children, and babies is such a joy to be a part of, for where else would you get the opportunity to have everyone in the same place at the same.  Teenagers who can’t be bothered having their picture taken usually enjoy the experience. Mum or dad telling them to smile doesn’t seem quite so un-cool coming from a professional photographer. The arrangement of the photography is perfectly balanced, so when hung on your living room wall your picture doesn’t just look like a lucky snap, but more like a work of art. It takes speed, understanding, patience and a versatile ability to capture young children and babies, and that oh so important eye for capturing “ the decisive moment “ when the picture is just right.  

    So we can give you amazing value for money and, as we come from an artistic background of designing concepts and fine art, I like to sketch my ideas in advance of the session, but have been known to shoot spur of the moment poses that sometimes just happen and need to be photographed. You’ll get to choose from between twelve and fifteen different fully airbrushed images all worthy of a place in your home wherever you wish to put them.

    The session is broken down into four poses and variations are done on each of the poses. For example:

    Family group

    Children on own.

    Mum with girls.

    Dad with boys.

    Following the session we'll arrange a convenient time and date for me to come to you and show you your images. You can choose whichever pictures you want to purchase in whatever size, medium you wish.

    Each photograph is digitally enhanced with removal of blemishes, spots, unwanted tattoos, re-shaping if required if it’s felt necessary toward the pictures overall aesthetic appeal. A day is spent editing the photographs which involves the above and dropping in, or creating of backgrounds to fit the mood of the shot.

    Session: £25.00