Glamour / Boudoir


    She looked like a goddess. Captivating, sensual, unaware of her allure. A little shy with a hint of uncertainty that soon diminished as her confidence grew. As she began to relax, her eyes revealed a hidden sensuality, a playful flirtatiousness. She began to glow with a beautiful radiance. The quiet, insecure creature she only moments ago was had vanished.


    What do I need to do to book a session?

    It’s simple. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange your date and time. You'll feel relaxed in the comfort of your own home with no intrusions to worry about. Maybe you are thinking of something really elaborate and have somewhere unusual in mind for the shoot. It’s quite common these days to book fabulous hotel rooms that have beautiful furniture. Or maybe you'd like something more urban. I strongly recommend using Clare as your hairstylist / makeup artist.  We introduced makeover photography to Corby back in the nineties, and with the hairstyles and makeup I've wanted over the years, she has gained unmeasurable experience through training, practice, and sometimes just plain old perseverance. She will make you look and feel amazing.



    If we are doing your makeup and hair, please have clean, dry hair and no makeup. Wear loose fitting clothing and avoid anything that will create strap marks on the skin. You may use hair extensions. We supply very natural individual false lashes, but should you require something more exuberant, you will need to supply these yourself.


    Outfits / Props

    You can change as much as you wish, but we recommend a maximum of four different outfits.  Have as many as you wish on standby, as this will give your photographer more choice when deciding on your poses. Have as many accessories as you wish. Jewellery, stockings, shoes, boots. Feel free to use props. These can be anything you feel will suit the photograph: Hats, chains, sentimental personal items. We don’t want you thinking after the session, “ Oh, I wish I’d used that “.


    I’ve never posed before

    If you look at our website, you might think many of the women are professional models. They’re not. They have all felt much the same way as you probably do. All you have to do is embrace the session. I will guide you through the poses. Don’t be embarrassed in any way. I am very passionate about producing quality work and making you look absolutely stunning. Whether you want to look totally hot in lingerie, or prefer to show a little more of your body, we approach every session individually and discretely.


    Session fee £25.00

    Hair and makeup £47.00