Mini Makeovers

    A mini makeover is a wonderful experience, both as a self indulgent treat or as a gift for a loved one or friend. If you want to look your ultimate best, need a little reassurance, or just love posing, this is for you. Even if you’re not into posing, you don’t have to worry, we will guide you through poses as though you were a professional model. Experience the thrill of having perfect makeup done by a professional makeup artist. And what better way to spend an hour or so having your hair styled with our much sought after hair stylist responsible for creating thousands of varied hair styles for model portfolios and special occasions. Renowned for her happy, friendly, helpful and sincere approach to making our clients look and feel amazing, Clare has been teaching, advising and creating for over twenty seven years. There’s absolutely nothing she can’t do with hair. 

    Enjoy stepping out of reality and making some beautiful images to impress loved ones, friends or family and prove to them that you can look just as good as those top models gracing the pages of the fashion magazines. Turn this way, turn that way, you look amazing. And just when you think it can’t get any more amazing and your confidence won’t let your head out of the building, I, as your photographer will take your gorgeous images and spend a day making them even more stunning, because, to me, every ounce of effort you put in deserves my utmost attention. Patience and understanding has rewarded me with being likened to a saint, calming the nervous and reassuring the under confident to a point where they actually feel like a supermodel. 

    Combined makeover and photographic session - £72.00.

    Fully retouched and airbrushed images sold separately and start from - £39.00.

    You’ll choose from between 12 to15 different photos.

    Session duration: 2hrs. 30 mins.


    Full Makeovers

    Experience what it’s like to be a professional model, or you may well indeed be a model wanting an elaborate portfolio of images. If you like posing, dressing up, adore having your hair styled and the perfect makeup applied in preparation for spectacular images taken to your specifications, then this is most definitely the session for you. With all the excitement of the mini makeover session and more. Four different hairstyles are created to suit the style of pictures we will be taking. Imagine looking like a sophisticated high fashion model posing for a top fashion magazine, then a bond girl walking out of the sea, wet hair clinging to your shoulders with tiny droplets of water trickling down your skin, then the soft and gentle dreamy girl headlining the latest chick flick movie and finally the big hair of the crazy Bellatrix Lestrange from the harry Potter movies. Whatever character you want to portray, whatever fantasy you want to realise, this is where it will happen. Impressing your friends and family, or loved ones is an understatement. Jaw dropping, gobsmacking speechlessness: they’re the reactions you’ll have to be prepared for.

    Have as many outfits on standby as you wish along with jewellery, different coloured underwear, props, anything you feel may add to your pictures. 


    Combined makeover x 4 and photographic session - £140.00

    Fully retouched and airbrushed images sold separately and start from - £39.00

    You’ll choose from between 12 to 15 different images.

    Session duration: Apprx. 4hrs.