Stop and glance at a casually taken set of prom pictures and after a few minutes one dress seems to blend in with the others, all fighting for attention and just seem to get lost in a mishmash of colour. Look at a professionally taken photograph with the right lighting, and the detail, colour and styling jump out at you as though you’re looking at a royal portrait. Only on her wedding day will your daughter ever dress quite so regally. You’ll be amazed and astounded at how beautiful we will portray your pride and joy. The tears you cried on the day she was born will return in a flood of joy rendering you speechless.

    Our hairstylist and makeup artist has been creating perfect looks for proms since they first began in the UK. Unfortunately, due to demand and much to our regret, we are having to turn young lady’s away on an ever increasing scale as each year goes by. So please book as soon as you get your prom date to avoid disappointment. 

    Top this with a one on one photo session with an award winning photographer who’s aim is to capture the essence of the prom with some fun, formal and eloquent poses that will show your daughters dress of in all its glory, as though being presented in a Coco Chanel fashion show. Attention is paid to detail, styling, accessories, and shoes all with perfect lighting and creativity. Opportunities to photograph eloquence and style such as this are usually restricted to Brides on their wedding day, so sin’t a chance that should be wasted.

    Because we have so many girls in on the same day, the photo session is free. You simply order whatever pictures you desire when you come back for your viewing. They are all fully edited and cover the dress in its entirety. If you can’t get in for hair and makeup, you can still drop by to have your pictures taken without having to make an appointment. You may have to wait, but not for too long.

    If you’re really set on giving your daughter the experience of a lifetime, and want your daughter to have a full makeover and photo session, as some do, you can book her in on a different day, so all the attention is on her.

    Occasionally some girls prefer to have a trial to determine how they want to look on this special day. We are more than happy to oblige if this is the case.

    Hair and makeup: £70.00

    Hair and makeup trial : £70.00

    Photo session: FREE

    Hair and makeup session duration 1Hr. 30 mins.

    Photography duration 20 to 30 mins.